The following Design singles and albums were released in the UK unless otherwise stated:





Design with budgie!

May 1970: Willow Stream / Coloured Mile (Epic) (USA)
July 1970: Willow Stream / Coloured Mile (Epic) 
March 1971: Coloured Mile / The Minstrel’s Theme (Epic) (USA)
April 1971: Jet Song / The Minstrel’s Theme (Epic)
October 1971: Love Is / Take a Boat (Epic)
January 1972:  Colour All the World / Lazy Song (Regal Zonophone)
June 1972:  Color All the World / Lazy Song (Capitol) (USA)
July 1972: Mayday / Yellow Bird (Regal Zonophone)
July 1973: One Sunny Day / End of the Party (Regal Zonophone)
August 1973: Jennifer / Träume (Polydor) (Germany)
February 1974: Second Love / Once Upon a Time (EMI)
April 1974: Losing You / I Am the Greene Manne (EMI)
August 1974: Sing the World a Song / So Be It Baby (EMI)
July 1975: Pullin’ Away / You Take My Breath Away (EMI)
October 1975: Bangin’ On the Old Piano / Won’t You Say You Love Me (EMI)
March 1976: Michaelangelo / Never Need Another Love (EMI)
September 1976: You’re So Good to Me / Never Been a Love Like This (EMI)





January 1971: Design (Epic) (USA)
March 1971: Design (Epic) 
October 1971: Tomorrow Is So Far Away (Epic)
February 1973: Day Of The Fox (Regal Zonophone)
May 1974:  In Flight (EMI) 
February 1976: By Design (EMI)

October 2012: One Sunny Day: Singles and Rarities 1968-1978 (RPM)
April 2019: Children of the Mist: The Best of Design (Market Square)
March 2021: Design: 50th Anniversary Expanded Edition (Vacancy)